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EBSD 2014 Program

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Technical Program - Final

  • EBSD 2014 Program schedule: here.

Technical Symposia - Wednesday & Thursday, June 18th &19th

The EBSD 2014 technical symposia are the heart of the conference and consist of an exiting group of invited speakers at the forefront of the technology and its applications.  Below are the topics that will be covered:

  • EBSD for Industry - Raj Mishra - General Motors, USA
  • EBSD and Energy Technologies - Helio Moutinho - National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
  • Microstructure Characterization - Stefan Zaefferer - Max Planck Institute, Germany
  • Computational Advances - Gert Nolze - BAM, Germany
  • Novel Methods - Pat Trimby - University of Sydney, Australia
  • Geochronology Phases - Steve Reddy - Curtin University, Australia
  • Deformation Fabrics - David Prior - University of Otago, New Zealand

Tutorials - Tuesday, June 17th

Once again, the organizers are also pleased to offer an entire day dedicated to teaching the fundamentals and advanced concepts of EBSD to all interested participants.  Topics and speakers are listed below:
  • EBSD Technology (Des Moser and Andy Deal)
  • Sample Preparation (Brian Hess and Ron Witt)
  • Data Acquisition and Post Processing (Tony Rollett)
  • Free, Open-source MTEX Data Processing Tools (David Mainprice)
  • Case Studies (David Mainprice and Joe Michael)

Live Demostrations - Tuesday, June 17th

In parallel with the tutorial sessions, registrants can sign-up for live EBSD vendor demonstrations.  Bruker, EDAX, Oxford Instruments and Thermo-Fisher Scientific EBSD systems will be demoed within the JEMR facility managed by the CMU MSE department, a 10 minute walk from the main conference location.  Live EBSD vendor demos run all day (9 am to 5pm or later) at the JEMR facility (Roberts Engineering Hall).  Sign-up is first come basis at the registration/sign-in table at the main conference (Rangos Ballroom) Monday 3-6pm and all day Tuesday.
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