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MAS President's Message - Spring 2017

A message from the MAS President Masashi Watanabe

MAS President's Message - Spring 2017

MAS President Masashi Watanabe

MAS President’s Message


Dear MAS Members,

I hope everybody is looking forward to exciting “hot” summer. I have a couple of items of news to you in this note.

50th Anniversary of Microanalysis Society

As a MAS member, you might be aware that we will celebrate the 50th anniversary at the coming Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M) 2017 meeting in St. Louis (August 6-10). The society was originally established as the Electron Probe Analysis Society of America (EPASA) in 1966 and the Article of Incorporation of EPASA was filed in 1968. Although there is no description of 1967 specifically, you can easily figure out where is the peak center (birth of the society) between the initiation (1966) and the finalization (1968) of the peak as a microanalyst! More historical details of the society by David Wittry can be seen (


In addition to the MAS 50th anniversary, our sister society, the Microscopy Society of America (MSA) will also celebrate their 75th anniversary. So, we will plan to have the anniversary lecture series (more details about the anniversary lectures can be found here: For the MAS anniversary, Dale Newbury (the former MAS President, NIST Fellow) will present a special talk entitled “Microanalysis: What Is It, Where Did It Come From, and Where Is It Going?” on August 8th at 7:30 am (my apologies, this early schedule is not a joke). The M&M conference will provide morning coffee and some pastries prior to the early morning lecture, and the current MAS council and committee members will welcome you with the MAS 50th anniversary shirt at the lecture room for Dale’s anniversary talk (the anniversary shirts are available at the MAS booth for $20.).


Furthermore, there is a dedicated symposium for the MAS 50th anniversary entitled “Celebrating 50 Years of Microanalysis” organized by Julie Chouinard (MAS director), Paul Carpenter (former MAS President) and Ed Vicenzi (former MAS President).


There are many other symposia for cutting edge science, exciting exhibitions of the latest greatest technologies and more activities in the M&M’17. I hope see you all at “hot” St. Louis this summer and let’s get started on the GOLDen age of MAS in this 50th year anniversary

AMAS 2017

I attended to the 14th biannual Australian Microbeam Analysis Symposium (AMAS XIV) held at Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) on Feb./6-10. Prior to the main conference, there were 13 short courses including EPMA – Electron Probe Microanalysis by John Fournelle and Paul Carpenter, Digital Micrograph Scripting by David Mitchell, EM Maintenance and Facility Design by Ric Wuhrer and Matthew Stead, Introduction to Transmission / Scanning Transmission and Analytical Electron Microscopy by Nestor Zaluzec, Monte Carlo Modeling e-beam by Raynald Gauvin, etc.


In the main conference, there were three keynote speakers and nine invited speakers from Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, UK, and USA (essentially all of the world!). I was one of the invited speakers as the President exchange program between AMAS and MAS. It should be noted that the AMAS president Ric Wuhrer will be joining to the M&M’17 and giving an invited talk at the special symposium on Celebrating 50 Years of Microanalysis.



I have already attended to the AMAS meetings previously. As always, I am very impressed by the strong microanalysis activities in Australia! In addition, there are many talks by students and young scholars, which imply that this strong activities will continue in AMAS. After the AMAS meeting, Nestor and myself gave a one-day short course on Transmission Electron Microscopy at Western Sydney University. Thank you very much, AMAS, for having me there!

AMAS, EMAS, IUMAS and MAS presidents

Caption: President shot at the conference banquet. From left Ric Wuhrer (AMAS President), Mike Matthews (EMAS President), Ed Vicenzi (IUMAS President) and myself.


I also attended to the EMAS 2017 - 15th European Workshop on MODERN DEVELOPMENTS AND APPLICATIONS IN MICROBEAM ANALYSIS and 7th International Union of Microbeam Analysis Societies (IUMAS-7) Meeting held at Konstanz, Germany on May/6-11.

Similar to the AMAS meeting, this EMAS/IUMAS joint conference consists of two parts: short courses and the main conference. There were 7 short courses such as Introduction to EBSD by François Brisset, Monte Carlo simulation using PENEPMA by Francesc Salvat and Xavier Llovet, Advanced spectral imaging, mapping and phase mapping by Hans Dijkstra, Introduction to atom probe by Tom Kelly, etc.

I attended to the EMAS/IUMAS meeting because I was a part of President exchange program between EMAS and MAS. In addition to myself, we sent two early career scholars, Olivia Underwood (Sandia National Lab.) and Aurélien Moy (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison) who represented MAS. Both scholars were chosen at the previous MAS Topical Conferences of EBSD and EMPA, respectively. Including Olivia and Aurélien, several early career scholars who were selected by the individual societies gave very nice talks.

The main theme of the meeting was “pushing the limit”. All invited speakers gave the pushing the limit of the current microanalysis techniques at individual topics on EPMA, microanalysis modeling, detectors, Surface characterization, Cathodoluminescence and more pushing the limit techniques. I also enjoyed the round table discussion at the end of individual topic sessions.

There were 166 participants including 22 students, 96 posters, and 12 exhibitors in the main course. Since this conference is a joint conference with IUMAS, all 8 MAS societies got together from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, Japan and USA in addition to Europe.


I would like to congratulate on Raynald Gauvin (former MAS President) and Dave Williams (former MAS President/IUMAS founder) for receiving the EMAS Honorary Membership Award at the banquet. It was my honor to receive Dave’s award for him as one of his disciples, indeed. Again, thank you very much, EMAS, for having me at the meeting.

The Konzil in Konstanz

Caption: The meeting venue, the Konzil in Konstanz, Germany

 Presidents at IUMAS-7

Caption: Presidents shot: From left Colin MacRae (Representative of AMAS), Yahachi Saito (Representative of Japan 141 committee), Tom Kelly (former MAS Predisent), Mike Matthews (EMAS President), Ed Vicenzi (IUMAS President), Paul Carpenter (MAS International Liaison Chair), Ric Wuhrer (AMAS President), myself (MAS President)

Masashi Watanabe

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